Our Clinical Services

New England Orthopedic Surgeons is unique as the only sub-specialized and fellowship trained orthopedic practice in Western Massachusetts. Understanding the fellowship training experience, and why our physicians have each focused on a defined part of orthopedic practice, should be key to the decision of who you want to choose for your care. After our physicians completed medical school and a residency to attain a license as an orthopedic surgeon, they went one or two or more years of advanced training; a fellowship. Generally provided only at the most prestigious academic centers, the fellowship allows physicians to focus on a subset of musculoskeletal problems such as only spine disorders, or only hand and wrist problems. They train side by side with nationally recognized surgeons and are exposed to a much higher volume of complex surgical problems than they would see in a general training program where they must handle the full range of orthopedic injuries and disorders.

Once in practice, the sub-specialized physician continues to perform a higher volume of surgeries within their chosen area of orthopedics. This makes it much more likely that they have managed the problem that you are experiencing, performed the specific procedure you need far more frequently, than other physicians who try to handle the whole scope of orthopedics. We hope you will explore our clinical services pages and review the training and preparation that we are proud to offer to patients and their families.