How NEOS Works with Advanced Practice Providers

The physicians of New England Orthopedic Surgeons have developed a model of care that integrates highly trained Physician Assistants, (PA's) and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN). While many practices are now embracing clinical staff with advanced training to help expand the capacity of the physician, NEOS has worked with these skilled healthcare professionals for over 25 years.

After attending college or completing nursing school, PA's and APRN's undertake a specialized graduate level course of medical education. Once they begin employment at NEOS, they spend 4-6 months observing our surgeons as they evaluate and treat patients in the office and the operating room.

In their practice at NEOS, Advanced Practice Providers take medical histories, perform physical examinations, and establish a diagnosis and plan of treatment. In some situations, they request and interpret x-rays, and when indicated may order imaging studies such as CT scans and MRI. When necessary, they discuss the specifics of individual patient cases in with the orthopedic surgeon during the office visit. They also provide valuable assistance in the operating room when our physicians are performing surgery.

These skilled professionals increase access for the assessment of acute injuries and/or emergent problems, but they always practice with the oversight of a physician. Because our surgeons must balance the time spent evaluating patients in the office with time in the operating room, NEOS PA/APRN's often provide the most expeditious route to get an orthopedic problem evaluated. The continuous training that our Advanced Practice Providers receive refines their diagnostic skills, and NEOS surgeons have a high level of confidence that they provide patients with excellent orthopedic evaluation and follow-up.