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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the foremost necessary treatment modes of recovery for back pain. A referral to physiotherapy sometimes is created by your spine surgeon. A physical therapist is a well-trained, skilled health care professional who facilitates improving movement and manages the pain by safe stretching, conditioning, and strengthening exercise techniques. Patients are guided concerning the fundamental anatomy of the body and their mechanism of action. They are also instructed about the varied exercise regimens to extend the activity level thereby strengthening the muscles. Most patients manage low back pain and associated symptoms with therapy and medications without surgical intervention.

The different modalities of physical therapy include hot or cold packs, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, spinal manipulation, diathermy, massage, and aqua therapy. These treatment options may be indicated depending on the type and severity of pain.

People susceptible to back pain should avoid activities that exert excessive stress on the lower back or twisting movements like in sports activities and weight lifting. The two different forms of physical therapy include:

  • Active physical therapy includes physical exercise or stretching, whereby the patient uses their own force to reduce back pain.
  • Passive physical therapy is where the modalities are done to the patient by the therapist.

A physical therapist tailors an exercise program per the individual necessities and goals.

Skilled Physical Therapy Is Essential to Full Recovery, NEOS Physical Therapists Work Directly with Your Surgeon to Maximize Healing. Certified physical therapists evaluate patients, design individual treatment plans, assess patient progress and supervise physical therapy assistants and an athletic trainer. NEOS offers physical therapy rehabilitation at two locations in Springfield and East Longmeadow.

Our Physical Therapists:

NEOS offers physical therapy rehabilitation at two locations in Springfield and East Longmeadow.

Springfield- 300 Birnie Avenue: Main Number (413) 233-1270

  • Todd Pyser

    Todd Pyser


  • Kelley Emery

    Kelley Emery


  • Larry Scafuri

    Larry Scafuri


  • Tara McCauley

    Tara McCauley


  • Joao Afonso

    Joao Afonso


  • Timothy Florek

    Timothy Florek

    MSPT, Director

  • Craig Nicholson

    Craig Nicholson

    Athletic Trainer

  • Kristina Wendl

    Kristina Wendl


  • Sarah Palmer

    Sarah Palmer


East Longmeadow -265 Benton Drive: Main Number (413) 783-3237

  • Shadina Johnson

    Shadina Johnson


  • Teresa Stuetzel

    Teresa Stuetzel


  • James Moran

    James Moran


  • Barry Morin

    Barry Morin

    MSPT, OCS, Director

  • Nicholas Catjakis

    Nicholas Catjakis


  • Jacob Santos

    Jacob Santos


Feeding Hills -975C Springfield: Main Number (413) 233-1162

  • Steve Courchesne

    Steve Courchesne


  • Geoffrey Zielenski

    Geoffrey Zielenski


  • Melissa Giovaninni

    Melissa Giovaninni